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How to Choose a Nursing Home- Part 4

The four steps to take in order to decide which nursing home may be best for you are:

Step 1: Find nursing homes in your area;

Step 2: Compare the quality of the nursing homes you’re considering;

Step 3: Visit the nursing homes you’re interested in or have someone visit for you; and

Step 4: Choose the nursing home that meets your needs.

Step 3: Visit the nursing homes you’re interested in or have someone visit for you.
Before you visit any nursing homes, consider what’s important to you.


  • Is the nursing home close to my family and friends so they can visit often?


  • Is a bed available now, or can I add my name to a waiting list?

Note: Nursing homes don’t have to accept all applications, but they must comply with local, state, and federal civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination.


  • Is there enough staff to give me the care I need?
  • Will I have the same staff people take care of me day to day or do they change?
  • Does the nursing home post information about the number of nursing staff, including Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)? Are they willing to show me if I ask to see it? (Note: Nursing homes are required to post this information.)
  • How many residents is a CNA assigned to work with during each shift (day and night) and during meals?
  • What type of therapy is available at this facility? Are therapy staff available?
  • Is there a social worker available? Can I meet him or her?

(Note: Nursing homes must provide medically related social services, but if the nursing home has less than 120 beds, it doesn’t have to have a full-time social worker on staff.)

Religious & cultural preference

  • Does the nursing home offer the religious or cultural support I need?
    If not, what type of arrangements will they provide to meet my needs?
  • Do they provide special diet options that my faith practice may require?

Food & Dining

  • Does the nursing home have food service that I would be happy with?
  • Does the nursing home provide a pleasant dining experience?
  • Does the staff help residents eat and drink at mealtimes if help is needed?
  • What types of meals does the nursing home serve? (Note: Ask the nursing home if you can see a menu.)
  • Can I get food and drinks I like at any time? What if I don’t like the food that’s served?
  • Do residents have a choice of food items at each meal? Are there options and substitutes available if I don’t like a particular meal?
  • Can the nursing home provide for my dietary needs?

To be continued….
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